Enjoy rewards at all of our great restaurants!

KC Originals Dining Rewards Card

Each time you dine at any of our restaurants, you accumulate points for each dollar you spend ($1.00 = 1 point).

150 points = $10 reward for use at any Kansas City Originals restaurant.

Rewards are stored on your account. Simply, let your server know when you have a reward to redeem!

500 max points per visit.

$100 max value redeemed per visit per party ( may not exceed 50% of the bill).

Rewards account must be registered in order to redeem a reward.

Cards are free at any of our member establishments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get a replacement card by visiting any of the Kansas City Original restaurants. . After you receive a replacement card, email support@powercard.com with your new card number & account details so that your points and rewards can be transferred!

You earn a point for every dollar spent. 150 points equals a $10.00 reward. Once you reach 150 points, the reward will be added directly to your card (like a gift card) and your balance will reset.

Rewards are stored directly on the card. To redeem, simply let your server know you have a reward you would like to use. You may redeem up to $100.00 in a single visit.

To edit any of your account information, review transactions/rewards balances click the button below.

We will never rent or sell your information to anyone – ever! Your information is stored on a secure database that can only be accessed by a few select employees.

If you forgot to bring your card on a recent visit, the member restaurant can add your points using your phone number connected to your rewards account. If you forget to give your server your rewards card or phone number to receive points, you can apply for missing points using the link below.